Jail: Create

Creating a jail with EZJail
PrefaceAlthough you can maintain your FreeBSD jails manually and there are quite a few tutorials around, I like the implementation done through EZJails.

It’s assumed you have completed installing FreeBSD and EZJail.

Creating/Starting a JailTo create the jail we need to create an alias for the network interface, issue the ezjail-admin create command w/flavor, and finally start the jail:

ifconfig lnc0 netmask alias
ezjail-admin create -f standard www.kingsquarry.net
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ezjail.sh start www.kingsquarry.netOnce the jail is started it’s critical that we login and perform a couple clean-up tasks (setting root’s password, time zone, and finishing the sendmail configuration):

ssh -l admin
passwd <- Change your password su - passwd>


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