debian 下 lxc 限制内存出错

起动 vm 的时候出现 lxc-start: open /cgroup/vm0/memory.limit_in_bytes : No such file or directory lxc-start: failed to setup the cgroups for ‘vm0’ lxc-start: failed to setup the container lxc-start: invalid sequence number 1. expected 2 lxc-start: failed to spawn ‘vm0’ 在 /etc/default/grub 文件填加 GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="cgroup_enable=memory" 0# lxc-checkconfig Kernel config /proc/config.gz not found, looking in other places... Found kernel config file /boot/config-2.6.32-5-amd64 --- Namespaces --- Namespaces: enabled Utsname namespace: enabled Ipc namespace: enabled Pid namespace: enabled User namespace: enabled Network namespace: enabled Multiple /dev/pts instances: enabled --- Control groups --- Cgroup: enabled Cgroup namespace: enabled Cgroup device: enabled Cgroup sched: enabled Cgroup cpu account: enabled Cgroup memory controller: missing Cgroup cpuset: enabled --- Misc --- Veth pair device: enabled Macvlan: enabled Vlan: enabled File capabilities: enabled

2013-11-23 · 1 分钟 · admin